Free Towing Brisbane

Free Towing Service

Car Removal Brisbane Qld is here to take care of your sudden car engine failure. In the unlikely event of a car breaking down and needing emergency towing, please feel free to contact us during business hours and we will arrange for your car to be towed free of charge to our nearest branch.

free car removalsHowever, our towing services are valid only in the metropolitan area or within a 10 km radius of any regional branch. Our free towing services are purely available for technical repairs or faults only.

Our roadside assistance guarantees that you are covered with a breakdown, flat battery, punt tire, empty fuel tank and locked-in keys for assistance. Even better, within an hour, one of our professional roadside mechanics will be there to get you going again.

Breakdown Problem

And while we will be able to address the problems on the spot 95 percent of the time, occasionally a breakdown requires some additional work. That is why, for all your vehicular need, we provide a range of tow truck solutions. Through trusted, licensed towing partners, some trucks are contracted and others are part of our own fleet.

However, remember to contact the insurer if you have been involved in an accident. Brisbane Qld Car Removal protects you from emergency mechanical failure, however, not accidental losses.

Depending on your level of roadside protection, your towing allowance will differ. Not a Member yet? See all the options that our roadside assistance cover:

  • Callouts for free roadside towing
  • No matter who is behind the wheel, we will help
  • Support for batteries that are flat
  • Support on flat tyres
  • Emergency fuel refuelling assistance
  • Assistance with missing or locked-in keys
  • Wide fleet of vehicles for you to protect

Also, in unpredictable circumstances, when you add Car Removal Brisbane Qld to your complete car policy, you are never too far from assistance. If your car breaks down, gets a flat battery or flat tyre, you are locked out of your car or you lose your car keys, run out of petrol, or need to be towed, get free towing and roadside help promptly.

We are fully licensed and insured. For any towing needs, feel free to call us now. We are always available to help you out.